Monday, November 5, 2012

The Ubyssey reports on Listen In

The Ubyssey is closely tracking U-Town activities and sent a young reporter to the first Listen In workshop last week.  While the gist of the story rings true, the constraints of mainstream journalistic convention (focus on 'exciting' points) does limit the usefulness of the story.

The use of adjectives like 'private' and 'market' in relation to housing tends to create a greater sense of separation then might actually exist.  Rarely, for example, does the Ubyssey say 'private' housing or 'market' housing when reporting on issues in the UEL or Vancouver proper.  There, the residents are called residents or citizens.  It's a subtle point, but one worth considering.

Overall it nice to have the timely focus of the local media upon the actions and work of the UNA.  If there is to be any real change in our community it will only come when those outside of the UNA and the UBC Administration start paying attention.  As long as the story remains private residents miffed at UBC Planning nothing will change; once it becomes residents and students demand real democratic government on Point Grey then things will start to change.
Residents of private housing on campus blasted what they consider unjust treatment by UBC at an open meeting last week.

The University Neighborhoods Association, which represents private residents on campus, held a public meeting last Tuesday to listen to residents’ concerns. It was an opportunity for the newly elected, more strident OUR slate on the UNA Board of Directors to hear member feedback. The meeting was billed to focus on housing development, density and public space on campus.
Roughly 50 residents showed up, and many had concerns about the rapid pace of development in campus neighbourhoods. [read rest of story here.]

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