Wednesday, September 22, 2010

UNA Election Results

At the end of a rather quiet and seemingly uneventful campaign the UNA election results are in.

Manke Mah 204
Prod Laquian 302
Linda Moore 101
Fred Pritchard 107

The two candidates who won were supported by a host of UNA/UBC traditionalists and their campaign committee was chaired by the UNA's first appointed resident director, Jim Taylor. Pritchard ran unsuccessful two years ago for the position of Metro Vancouver Electoral Area A Director. Linda Moore was a former member of UBC's administration. Mankee Mah is a long time parent activist involved with U.Hill Elementary. Mah is well known for her community involvement in support of children's initiatives and for participating in the organization of the local school bus. Laquian is a retired professor of planning at UBC and is returning for his second term on the UNA board.

With their election the direction of the UNA Board of Directors is likely to stay on course and not make any significant policy shifts.

The coming consultation on governance will require serious efforts on the part of the UNA and other community partners to break free of the tutelage of UBC. Finding a real democratic voice will be important. Though the UNA is now a majority elected board, it is still hampered by the existence of three appointed voting members (two from UBC administration, one from the undergraduate student society). The UNA is developing autonomous programs; nonetheless, it still derives its powers delegated by the primarily appointed UBC Board of Governors.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Metro Vancouver Quietly Seeking Input into Electoral Reform

Metro Vancouver is quietly seeking input into electoral reform regarding he election of Electoral Area A director and other matters.

You can find their survey here:

And the ‘invitation’ to participate here:

One notable thing about the electoral area ‘a’ elections is that there is no permanent voters list. This tends to benefit those people living in the UEL or those with large electoral machines. It might be possible to shift the local area elections to the provincial standard and use the elections bc voters list.

UBC Proposes Three Bus Loop Options

UBC is proposing three options for new bus loops to replace the failed underground bus terminal. Their consultation plan is before the UBC Board of Governors Sept. 16, 2010.

For a new bus loop, UBC Campus and Community Planning has narrowed the choices down to three concepts:

Two of the three options will have serious impacts on Hawthorn Place communities and especially those people now living on West Mall.

Consultations are set to start Sept. 13 and finish around the 27th.