Thursday, July 17, 2014

Nomination papers submitted today - Running for re-election to the UNA.

The official UNA Board of Directors's election begins at the close of nominations August 15th.  This afternoon, after spending some times working in the UNA Children's Garden with my partner Veronica, I biked over the UNA office in Westbrook Place and handed in my nomination papers.

Being able to simply bike to the office is one of the things that makes our unique community a great place to live.  But the pace of development in our community is putting the livability of our community at risk.

The UNA needs to have a bigger role in shaping development plans that shape our community's future.  We need a real vote on the development permit board, we need to be involved in making the decisions that shape our community. Right now, we have at best an advisory role; a role contingent upon the good graces of the UBC development and management leaders.  During my past term I worked with other directors, like Thomas Byers and Shauhong Wu, to widen the UNA's influence and real abilities to effect improvements for our residents.  I am looking forward continuing this effort, whether I am reelected or not.