Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Metro Electoral Area A - Candidates' Web Sites

All the candidates, but Colin Desjarlais, now have their web sites up and running.

Scott Andrews' web site  has an earnest feel to it with a lot of content.  It's fairly plain in look but one can feel the youthful zeal that Scott brings to his campaign webpage.  While he won't be accused of having a professional web design team, a reader will get a pretty good idea of his issues,  accomplishments, and capabilities for the position.

Maria Harris' web site is slick and professional, but folksy enough to convey the message - professional and knowledgeable.  You can see the telltale signs of professional design within the architecture and writing of the site.  It's well done. Kudos to the web designer ;) this is clearly the site with the highest labour investment and design skill.

Mischa Makortoff's web site share with Andrews' an earnest feel.  No professional web design here! What the site lacks in professional design it more than makes up for in clear content. This site focusses on the candidate's ideas and how they plan to achieve them. 

Alexandria Mitchell's site is pure style. It's built on a wordpress platform that has been repurposed from a self promotion blog with a fair bit of history.  The reader will have no trouble finding out about all of the great things that Alex has been doing.  There's a sincerity here that's lacking in some of the other sites.  What you see on Alex's webpage actually reflects her actions and beliefs. 

If I were handing out awards I'd give the prize for design to Harris - she obvious has the means and connections to get the best designers on board.  I'd give the prize for style and sincerity to Mitchell - what you see is what you get here.  Andrews and Makortoff tie for the most earnest sites - boring in design terms,but clear on content.