Saturday, November 21, 2009

A 'Tweet' report from the Electoral Area 'A' committee meeting

The following are my ‘live’ tweets from the November 20th, 2009 Electoral Area ‘A’ committee meeting of Metro Vancouver. I have only reposted the UBC-related items. My twitter account can be found under the name charlesmenzies. Also in the audience actively tweeting was Samantha Jung, Ubyssey news editor.

I’ve posted the comments in chronological order for ease of reading.
  • CRM: @ubyssey UBC isn't alone in opposing the anti-democratic actions of Metro. Check out Though UBC motives are different.
  • CRM: UBC tells Metro Vancouver to back off |
  • CRM: At the electoral area a committee meeting, planning bylaw and working group
  • CRM: When asked who the decision makers are, cmtte chair Harris says she doesn't know!
  • CRM: @ubyssey democratic deficit majour theme at electoral area a meeting
  • CRM: Blake F., UBC AMS Pres, takes the stage.
  • CRM: Blake says UBC planning flawed, ams in conflict with UBC
  • CRM: Blake says UBC Board of Govs not approachable. Alledges UBC engaged in intimidation.
  • CRM: Blake calls for majority student reps on working group
  • CRM: UBC refusal to participate called bullying by Blake
  • CRM: Blake says students worried their voice to be drowned out.
  • CRM: Mike Feely, UNA Chair, speaks to committee
  • CRM: Feely says local governance in UNA working well, metro shouldn't get involved.
  • CRM: UNA includes a student rep on Board
  • CRM: Feely, We actually have a form of governance that works
  • CRM: Feely, "my community is different than other westside communities". Affordable housing area. It's a model for the region.
  • CRM: UNA participation contingent on being the majority reps on community related working group
  • CRM: UNA any decisions be subject to majority vote of UNA residents
  • CRM: Feely says. OCP is working for local areas.
  • CRM: In response to questions from Andria Remier, it seems that UNA elections look a bit poorly monitored
  • CRM: Councilor Anton, asks if UNA structure really best? Is UNA open to discussion? Feely says currently system has potential to work. Hmmmm
  • CRM: Electoral Area A committee moves to table working group report on UBC bylaw to next meeting and seek further consultation.
  • CRM: UBC greenspace plan discussed, as metro moves forward to regulate UBC

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