Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Tweeting the March 2013 UNA Board meeting

Here are my tweets from the March 12, 2013 UNA Board meeting.  Please remember - these are tweets (not corrected for spelling, grammar, etc) and are my own personal comments!  Enjoy :)  

Oh, to read in order of tweet, scroll to the bottom and read up.


  1. Nicely tweeted See you next time :)
  2. Meeting adjourns with the announcement of Shaohong Wu's resignation from the board due to moving off campus.
  3. UNA Board member Shaohong Wu is leaving in April to move to Richmond
  4. Discussion of traffic management plans in relation to UHS. 1 suggestion would be to anchor upturned tricycles in the middle of the street.
  5. Great afternoon run with Anth RUnning Club at 3pm today - 9km @ 5:30min/km ave pace. No rain, good conversations.
  6. Majority of board vote to double tax residents in Hawthorn Place. Residents now must pay for visitor permit. I voted against the fees.
  7. Motion carries with one vote against
  8. UNA will now charge an escalating 10 month renewable fee for on-street parking. 40 1st car, 80 2nd car, 160 3rd car per legal suite.
  9. Parking fees approved with one vote against - guess who )
  10. However, the UBC led developments are the cause. Rather than eternalizing the cost of development, UBC should absorb the costs.
  11. Knight says should Hawthorn used to be a parking lot; we should look forward instead to solutions not try to find cause to problem.
  12. Knight suggests my comment on double taxation incorrect and UBC has not created the problem.
  13. Frank says parking is subsidized and shouldn't be.
  14. Parking issues are really being caused by UBC development and self-centred greenwash campaign.
  15. Menzies says UNA residents already pay too much in taxes and shouldn't have to pay for street parking.
  16. Double taxation now taking place. Fees for parking are not appropriate.
  17. Now a motion to approve fees to park on the street in UNA neighbourhoods
  18. Parking proposal with fees now up for discussion.
  19. Proposal to rename a unnamed lane in honour of the late Bruce Todd and so recommend to the UBC naming committee.
  20. not recording seconder,. Mover is recorded unless concern over safety of mover.
  21. Now, a motion on UNA record keeping. Changes include destroying voice recordings of meetings after minutes are approved.
  22. Harris engages in a tete a tete with Frank - report going a bit off track. Maybe that part would be better in the cafe later over coffee.
  23. Maria Harris giving her electoral area A report - focus on rapid transit issues.
  24. Wall of skyscrappers rising along Pacific Spirit Park @ UBC
  25. C&CP moves 2ward Manhattanization ubc with Lot 6 permit development which will put 22 stories into the air alongside Pacific Spirit Pk
  26. Margaret Eckenfelder, UBC-C&CP presenting now.
  27. Speakers finished and now moving back to agenda. If more speakers turn up at 6:30 we'll hear them as well.
  28. Round points (round abouts) are in fact safer than regular four way intersections.
  29. The Hampton Place resident says increased traffic would create too much noise and make pedestrian crossings more dangerous.
  30. Griffiths asks board to stop highway developments - but UNA can't do anythig; it's . Note: round points are safer.
  31. Parking and traffic is a big concern with UBC's massive ramping up of density in south campus . money B4 safety?
  32. Griffith is shocked by the proposed crossing at the four lane highway!
  33. Cathy Griffiths speaking about pedestrian controlled crosswalk & road at 16th across from Hampton Place
  34. Pritchard concludes that parking decal charge denies the original concepts for the area..
  35. Up first, a UNA resident addresses the board about parking on campus.
  36. Pritchard states inconsistent in parking planning; parking plan is a reduction of resident benefits.
  37. Pritchard notes the ongoing reduction of resident parking in UNA area & ill effect of UBC Athletics ramping up of their facilities
  38. We're at tonight's meeting.
  39. Chair allows Mr Pritchard to speak to the meeting about proposed parking management plan
  40. Fred Pritchard stands up from floor to ask that delegates be allowed to speak before the meeting, not toward the end of meeting
  41. Tweeting from the monthly board meeting today @

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