Tuesday, April 9, 2013

April 9th UNA Board Meeting - Guest tweets by UbysseyNews

I was unable to attend the April 9th UNA Board meeting (out of town on reserach).  But here is the news as tweeted by the other regular campus news source, the Ubyssey News! 

Please note that to read tweets in chronological order you need to scroll to the bottom of this post and then read tweets from the bottom up.

Ubyssey News@UbysseyNews 25m
No, and there was a modest amount of people present during that time (~8)

Any delegations other than Prod? Many people in audience?

Next meeting moved to Wednesday May 15th as the original date 14th coincides with the provincial elections.

March 2013 budget shows a surplus.

Board approves phase 3 of the Emergency Management Plan.

Motion for the Community Volunteer Committee to report back on their planned activities passes.

Motion to approve Terms of Reference for Zero Waste Bylaw Development Committee passes.

Motion to approve a Terms of Reference and to compare board directors' role, compensation etc, to councillors of BC gov passes.

They are passing back the entire motion (C.1) to leave the board spot vacant until September.

Motion to publish Election Schedule Reform discussion paper passes.

All were in favour of the noise bylaw. Only abstention was from new AMS rep Caroline Wong.

Board approves plan to implement UNA Noise Bylaw.

Board passes to refer the motion of the board vacancy back to governance.

Board was going to leave the spot left vacant by Shaohong Wu until UNA elections in September.

Laquian suggests asking for volunteers to sit on board interim. Laquian himself is interested in filling the spot.

Resident and former board member Prod Laquian asks to interject. Feels uncomfortable with board seat vacant until September.

Board member Erika Frank wants to look at options for wireless internet for the residential neighbourhood.

Completion date is September 2013. There are plans for future improvements to East of Wesbrook Mall.

April to August is the construction period for W 16th improvements including East Mall roundabout, signage. Shouldn't impede traffic.

Corridor is between West Mall and East Mall. Goal is to improve safety for pedestrians.

Presentation on the W 16th Ave Corridor Improvements from Campus Planning.

Architects asking for input from sustainability standpoint.

The Community Centre is expected to generate energy that is below most average buildings. Energy target is 160 kWh/m2/yr.

Sustainability initiatives in the centre will include green roof, solar hot water, carbon dioxide monitors, energy displays, etc.

Community centre will include a daycare centre, gym, fitness centre, etc.

Now a presentation on the Wesbrook Place Community Centre.

Richard Alexander presenting a gift to Shaohong Wu for his work with the board. Wu is moving to Richmond.

We're at tonight's meeting in the Old Barn Community Centre.

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