Monday, February 17, 2014

UNA Technical Changes -Improvements and Forced Credit Card Use

UNA community recreation facilities are moving rapidly ahead with a new online registration system that will see many improvements in terms of reduced staff time, UNA cost saving, and more access by residents.  The new online system is being rushed into implementation in advance of the new Westbrook Place Community Centre completion so that residents will be familiar with the new system and that any bugs will be ironed out.

Over an eight month period the UNA did about $160,000  of registration and programming sales.  About 130,000 by credit card; about 30,000 by debit and cash.  With the new system, however, the only option will be to use your credit card.  For close to 3/4's of residents using a credit card is not so big a deal.  But, if you want to use cash or a debit card you will no longer have a choice in the matter.  Also, the expectation is that most of the business will shift online and thus the need to do cash or other sales at UNA community centre receptions will also be diminished. 

For most people hooked into the consumer debt cycle and the easy cash that credit cards promise this will not be a problem.   So much online commerce goes via credit cards that most people won't notice.  Does it matter?  Hard to say.  One thing is clear, if there is no choice or alternative payment system and people want the services they use a credit card. 

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