Thursday, November 7, 2019

UNA Elections Reveal Flaw in System

The are many strange things about the UNA at UBC. Last night's election of resident directors reveals the sad reality that this particular first-past-the-post system doesn't reward the top vote getters, but rather a failed candidate can win a seat simply due to where in the UNA they live.

Keep in mind this is an at large system - there are no wards or constituencies. But there is a rule in the bylaws that limits the number of directors from any one residential neighbourhood to three.

In this election there were three candidates running who reside in Hawthorn Place. There is already one director previously elected from Hawthorn Place. This meant that right from the start only two of the three Hawthorn Place candidates could possibly be elected this time around.

If we were operating on a ward system this would be okay. But we are not - it's an at large system. Just the same what has happened is that a failed candidate now sits as  Director on the UNA Board. Add this to the practice of appointing directors when an elected director resigns plus the long standing practice of unelected appointed student and university directors it should be clear that what UBC considers democracy is seriously flawed.

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