Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Action Now!

It’s time that we addressed the democratic deficit in Electoral Area ‘A’ by:
  • Creating a separate elected Director for the Islands.
  • Establishing representative local democracy for West Point Grey that respects the unique histories of the UEL and the University Town and includes students.
  • Creating a permanent voters’ list.
  • Turning taxes into real services for all electoral area ‘A’ residents.
We must maintain and enhance our greenspaces, agricultural and woodland areas. This must be done in a manner that respects our local voices.
  • At UBC this means that the UBC Farm must remain as it is and be designated agricultural and academic research reserve. No housing on the farm.
Development without proper schools, community centres, or adequate green and open spaces is socially and ecologically unsound. University Town is an exciting and safe place to raise a family. Let’s keep it that way! Community plans are fine but what we need is action. We need schools, community centres, and safe open spaces today. The Director of Electoral Area 'A' has a critical role to play in ensuring that words become actions.

If elected I will hold public town hall meetings in our communities in Electoral Area ‘A.’. I will be available for you in person and online. I will work with the UEL, UNA, Katzie Nation, and the Island Residents’ Associations to ensure that local issues are dealt with in a manner that respects our unique histories. As director I will build upon my history of working with a diversity of people to ensure that our voices are heard and our needs are met.

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