Saturday, November 15, 2008

Thank you!

Dear Neighbours,

The results are in and our new Director for Electoral Area 'A' is UEL resident, Maria Harris.
I look forward to working Maria and other community members to make certain that the diversity of voices our our communities are heard. As is often the case with first past the post systems Maria has won with 29%, significantly less than a plurality. This places a heavy burden upon our new Director to make certain that she can indeed reach out and include the diversity of voices within our communitites. I pledge to work with Maria to ensure that all our voices are heard.

With warm regards and thanks,

Charles Menzies
  • Maria Harris - 219 votes
  • Charles Menzies - 125 votes
  • Matthew Naylor - 66 votes
  • Fred Pritchard - 124 votes
  • Ben West - 209 votes

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