Friday, September 21, 2012

Mike Feeley, former UNA Chair Endorses Menzies for UNA Director

Mike Feeley, former UNA chair and longtime Hawthorn Place resident offers his endorsement of my candidacy for the UNA Board!  Thank you Mike.
The UNA elections this year are particularly important, I think.  We face a number of challenging issues as a community, both tactical and strategic, at a time of substantial turnover on the Board.  I am thus particularly happy that Charles has decided to run this year.

I have know Charles since 2000 when we both moved into the first residential building in Hawthorn Place.   We started out as 12 families living in a middle of a parking lot and then construction site.  As our neighbourhood grew, Charles helped to create community bonds by organizing a Halloween celebration for several years and by constructing an email list (now uptown-neighbours).  He spoke out to help ensure our parks had adequate play areas for children.  He helped organize our grass-roots effort to bring new and renewed public schools to campus.  He helped us devise a sane and effective parking policy for the neighbourhood.  The list is long.  Through all of this Charles has shown himself to be a thoughtful and outspoken community leader.  He understands the issues we face better than most.  His commitment to fairness and openness is above reproach.  And he is deeply committed to our community.

For all these reasons I strongly endorse Charles for a seat on the UNA Board.  

Mike Feeley

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