Wednesday, September 26, 2012

OUR Sweeps UNA Elections

Thank you to the UNA membership for putting your trust in myself, Richard, and Shaohong.  We look forward to serving and measuring up to the trust you have placed in us!

OUR candidates won a decisive electoral victory this evening in the 2012 UNA resident directors election.  While we knew that at least two of us would be elected (there were four candidates vying for three spots) we felt it important that all three candidates win and that our election would be a decisive majority of the membership vote.  We did it on both counts.

640 ballots were cast. The vote break down is as follows:
  • Richard Alexander  406 
  • Charles Menzies      396
  • Shaohong Wu         364
  • Ada Dong              237
About 640 people voted.  OUR candidates were supported by a 2/3rds majority of those who voted.

The work starts now on bringing a real, effective, and democratic voice home to the University Town!

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