Friday, November 23, 2012

Tweeting the UNA Board of Directors Meeting, Nov. 13, 2012.

 The following are a direct quote of my tweets from the last UNA Board of Directors meeting Nov. 13, 2012.  Apologies for delay in posting them here - was away at a professional conference.  The are posted in reverse chronological order.  So, if you want the as it happened flow, scroll to the bottom and then read toward the top! Tweeting and other forms of live broadcast has become a standard practice in most government bodies with everyone from MPs to school board Trustees tweeting during meetings.  At the same time the media are also doing this as well as many members of the general public.  It's an interesting form of direct reporting that allows for an expanded circle of engagement in the democratic process.

UNA meeting over. Will have to think about this one. What's the deal with democracy? It should be a simple answer. Go for it. But. . .
Director Franks suggests thermostat setting as a fiscal cost savings.
Parking issues continue as an issue with . Public consultation coming up Nov. 20
OUR directors flub on major commitment to openness in vote.
What's the deal with Directors fear of being in the open?
Concerns expressed that only media would attend. Talk of only making committee meetings open to UNA residents.
Motion to make standing committee meetings public fails, with only one vote in favour
Very interesting. not a democratic organization?
UNA voting down democratic practice due to fear of openness
Beyer now jumping in saying we need to have informal meetings - we can have too much openness. Need private time.
Debating proposal on holding standing committees in the public domain. Chair Alexander suggests need to have private discussions.
Community delegations: Bill Holmes presents a proposal for electoral change. Suggests 3 yr terms along with all civic elections.
Maria Harris talking about needed rapid transit line along Broadway Corridor to .
Maria Harris, Electoral Area A Director, gives report. Focusing on eco-depot idea for the area.
Who manages the Chair Alexander asks the AMS rep: "they say we don't like students" says Alexander. We don't control them says rep.
Transportation and traffic issues around the new school discussed. Director Frank suggestions free candy to encourage walking !
Noise by-law issue brought up by Director Beyers - Exec Directore JF met with to discuss MOU for noise enforcement.
Listen In report that will be discussed later in the agenda - yup, posted to my blog
A bit of a kerfuffle regarding letter writing on behalf of the UNA - referred to the governance committee to go through the process.
Menzies' says, in response to Beyer, that the only way to have accountability is have public reporting as Chair, Secretary, etc.
Director Beyer takes issue with Menzies' issuing a secretary's report and with posting items on his blog.
Office space versus government centre - Knight says that multipurpose rooms in Centre could be repurposed once building is done.
UBC Admin Nancy Knight cautions that making a government space in the CC would derail the entire process. . . . . Not a surprise here.
Feeley responding to Beyer's question about UNA offices in Centre. Discussion of 'office' space in building versus government centre.
"Are squeals of joy acceptable?" asks Director Frank as she studies the artist's conception of the planned community centre.
Site plan of new community centre being presented. Will remove most, if not all, of remaining 2nd growth forest.
Abandoned LEED certification saves $50,000 out of $10million capital budget. . Interesting.
Going 'LEED' Gold equivalent; but not LEED. Rather a desinged process.
New community Centre planned to be open Summer 2014 Let's hope target deadline is realized!
Extra daycare space being added to community centre - over&above the 30000 sq ft planned centre.
Mike Feeley presents on the new Wesbrook Place Community Centre and related development process
UNA meeting in U-Town about to start. Live-tweeting through the meeting tonight.

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