Sunday, November 4, 2012

Listen In -session 1. Audio notes.

  This is the first phase of reporting back on our inaugural Listen In workshop.  Special thanks to Claire Robson for doing a great job at facilitating - it's very much appreciated!

The notes are presented here in their raw and unedited form: simply click the image and you will see the notes appear and hear the voices speak.  I used a tool called a 'livescribe pen' to take notes.  As I took notes the pen also recorded the audio.  What you have here is the combination of audio and hand written notes as a flash animation. Within the next few days I will be posting a photo stream of the flip chart notes recorded during the workshop and then, shortly thereafter, a short summary documents highlighting key points with an emphasis upon what the UNA can do moving forward as a more effective agent of local governance. 

Background information can be found in early blogs:  notice of Listen In Workshop;  original proposal for Listen In Workshop Series.  

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