Thursday, October 11, 2012

Listen In - a UNA sponsored community engagmeent forum

Listen In – a series of public forums where UNA Directors and Staff will listen to you.  Tuesday, Oct. 9th, the new UNA Board wasted no time in putting into place a plan to expand public engagement.  A series of forums, called Listen In, will be held over the the coming year.  The objective of Listen In is to expand and develop upon the UNA’s community engagement and public accountability in the area of emergent and longstanding issues of resident concerns.

We want to hear from you – our community members.  The first Listen In forum will take place at Tapestry in Wesbrook Place, Oct 30, 7pm-9pm.  The topic of concern:  community planning, density, and the public realm.

UNA Directors and Staff will be present to listen to your concerns.  The forum will be moderated and structured to allow each person a chance to participate

为增强UNA居民在有关UNA社区发展事宜上的参与, 新组成的UNA 理事会于10 9 日一致通过并决定,在未来一年内举行一系列的公开的居民意见听证会,使得在有关社区发展及开发的决定上有效地听取居民的意见和建议
UNA 新理事会诚恳地希望听到您- 我们社区主人的声音!首个居民意见听证会将于 10 30 7点到9点在TAPESTRY 举行 (老年公寓,Wesbrook Place)。会议 议题包括社区发展规划,人口密度 及相关公共事宜。
UNA 理事会成员及工作人员将于会听取您的意见,每个参与者都将有机会表达您的想法 (在会上,您可选择使用中文发言)。期待您的参与!

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