Wednesday, October 10, 2012

One way road causing driver confusion

New road signs in front of Save-On Foods at UBC
Recent road sign changes are resulting in confused drivers.  While listening to Campus Planning Staff explain why this section of road in Wesbrook Place was made one way more than 3/4 of the drivers drove around the barrier and exited against the do not enter sign.

While it is not clear to me that the explanation for turning this road into a a one way road makes real sense, the current reality is that it's a hazard for all concerned.  At the very least drivers will have to accept that the road has changed and commit to following the rules.  
Awkward barrier set to be changed.

According to Campus Planning staff and long time traffic design consultant, this was supposed to always be a one way street.  The issue concerns traffic exiting the round point off of 16th and Wesbrook into Wesbrook Place.  According to staff the stop sings sometimes lead to a traffic back up into the round point.  To solve that problem they felt the need to remove the four way stop signs at Wesbrook and Berton.  To make that flow better they needed to prevent traffic from exiting from Save-On Foods.  Thus the one way road.

A number of problems have emerged.  What are bikes supposed to do?  Ride counter flow on the sidewalk?  The barrier looks as temporary as it is and likely compounds the issue as well. This is just one of the local traffic issues that are currently being reviewed by the UNA Transportation sub-committee.

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Anonymous said...

kind of hilarious that they didn't plan for this, the 4-way stop signs backed up traffic to the westbrook roundabout causing delays to all those leaving UBC via westbrook / 16th all due to an excess of shoppers leaving Saveon.... but maybe its also time to blame pedestrians!