Friday, October 5, 2012

Manhattan by the trees

It's not a village any more!
The revised plan for South Campus (Westbrook Place) includes a massive increase in housing density and significant change in building type.  The 3D image (provided by Campus Planning) gives a graphic representation of the massive build up planned for South Campus.

The ramp-up of density is an unfortunate by-product of saving the UBC Farm.  UBC's development arm insists on maximizing all possible profit from potential development.  For the developers 'saving' the farm cost them profits.  The only solution?  Shift the 'lost' profit generation elsewhere on campus.  

While there are good augments for increasing density there is a problem inherent to the process whereby these changes were proposed, reviewed, and then approved:  all by UBC.  This is a unique situation in our contemporary world.  Perhaps market conditions will slow down the development long enough so that more a more reasoned approach to development and community engagement can take over.

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