Thursday, October 4, 2012

Do titles matter?

Since being elected I've added the following signature to my gmail account:

Charles Menzies
UNA Councillor (Elected Resident Director, 2012-2014)
University Neighbourhoods Association

The UNA positions it self as a municipal-like agency.  Elected municipal officials are Mayors and Councillors (some places still prefer Alderman).  Some UNA Board members did try, a few years ago, to officially change the title.  That proposal didn't go very far.

The use of the title Councillor does seem to cause concern in some quarters.  I'm not sure what that concern might be, but for the time being my email signature will continue to use the tag Councillor - hopefully it prefigures a future democratic governance structure.  In the meantime it's just a word in my email signature file.

For reference, I'm using gmail for UNA business:  my email is:  charles.r.menzies [at]

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