Saturday, December 15, 2012

Tweeting UNA Board Meeting, Dec. 11, 2012

 The following are a direct quote of my tweets from the last UNA Board of Directors meeting Dec. 11, 2012.   The tweets are posted in reverse chronological order.  So, if you want the 'as it happened flow,' scroll to the bottom and then read toward the top!

meeting over and fairly uneventful this time. Nice to have the reports at beginning just Q&A!
CRA deems services pst/gst taxable - cost about several 100 thousands
Listen In approved for three sections starting in the new year.
Listen In workshop approval final approval again before the board
Motion to post standing committee agendas online -a halfway step toward public meeting accountability and transparency.
Motion on monthly update from directors rather than individual reports from directors.
Voting on holding workshop on social media

Maria Harris Electoral Area A report. Transportation question
AMS microbrewery project raised - questions about smell and effect on residential. Board Meeting
TB asks about garbage facilities on institutional lands beside residential areas - what is 's policy about garbage.
Two funding requests from Jim Taylor coming up. 1 funding for children's park; the other funds his research for articles on lease values.
ExecDir responds that noise bylaw in progress - expect January
Now on to the ExecDir's report - questions from the board. TB asks: What' up with noise bylaw?
Governance Standing Committee report - missed a few items that need to be put on the Board agenda . . . need to get our act together :)
Aquatic Centre construction start up Aug 2013, opening within 2 years thereafter.
Like most public buildings these days, some retail space to be included in Aquatic Centre. The reach of free market liberalism.
Kavie Toor, UBC Athletics, speaking on the new Aquatic Centre at the meeting
And we are off! The meeting is about to begin.
The last Board meeting of 2012 coming up soon. Live tweeting on this channel :)

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