Thursday, December 20, 2012

UEL Moving Forward with Democratic Goverannce - UNA's turn is coming!

The UEL is moving forward toward municipal status - real, effective, local government.  The Citizen's Advisory Council of the UEL voted unanimously on December 10th to initiate the process of political self-rule.

Citing the colonial status of the UEL in reference to the Provincial government, CAC Chair Ron Pears says the time is now for real government in the UEL.  The CAC will now investigate the level of support for incorporation as a municipal government and get a feasibility study underway.

The UEL has 4000 residents.  By contrast, the UNA area has 8000 residents. The move by the UEL residents is a positive sign for us in the UNA.  Now, with the election of the OUR candidates and with our campaign commitment of moving toward "A real local government" we too should be able to start the process of Independence and effective local governance.  Like our neighbours in the UEL we too suffer under a form of colonial administration, but between the province and us is UBC whereas the UEL residents can at least directly address the provincial government.

I'm looking forward to a deepening discussion and real action on the democratic deficit front as we move to the new year!

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