Friday, May 3, 2013

Kudos to UNA

We often overlook opportunities to make compliments for work well done.  If it's working one rarely notices.  It's the things that don't work that one often focuses upon. I'm not into Polly Anna-esque compliments.  Just the same this photo shows something that is getting done. 

A few months ago the Clemments Green strata chair wrote to the UNA bringing to our attention the degraded and unsafe condition of the paving bricks on the road side of their building's parking garage entry.  UNA staff reviewed the situation, brought the matter forwarded and then initiated the appropriate repairs.

This photo shows the contractors repairing the paving bricks.

My only regret is that we (the UNA) didn't catch the problem first and that our response time could have been a bit quicker.  Just the same it is great to see this work getting done! 

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