Friday, May 17, 2013

May 14, 2013 UNA Directors Meetings - tweets from the table.

My tweets from the May 14 UNA Board of Director's meeting.  As per normal scroll to bottom and read toward the top for a chronological ordering of tweets.
  1. Holmes implying that consultant might be biased - report on compensation to be arms lenght.
  2. Holmes also speaks to question of Directors' compensation. Suggests needs wider discussion. [for the record I don't support increased pay to Directors. I also do not agree with any system that would allocate more pay to directors that has the directors who benefit in anyway making the decision or even the recommendation.]
  3. Bill Holmes, community member, speaks as sole delegation 2 the board. Suggests electoral reform is serious matter that needs publicity.
  4. Large surplus in budget going into special reserve fund.
  5. Public deleg'tns 2 board now 2 B @ 5pm. Animal control bylaw scopes approved. Also board reaffirms decision not to appoint director.
  6. Policy to replace a resignation in the board now being considered by . Chair Alexander reviews the history of the policy.
  7. Board vacancy appointment policy now before the board. Chair Alexander reviews the process leading up to the policy now before us.
  8. Erica Frank reminds the board that every dollar spent of tax dollars is an ideological act. Hmm. Not sure I agree. [Is it 'ideological' to spend money to fulfill a commitment or promise?  Also, one might question what was meant when the director used the term 'ideological']
  9. Maria Harris giving report on Electoral Area A to Board Meeting - mostly asking if we like the format of the report. [Report really lite on content this month; but pretty given Metro communications staff support]
  10. C&CP @ UBC responding to questions about 16th Avenue highway through campus by our schools. [not a very adequate response - it's wait and see and trust us answer]
  11. The Board of Directors meeting is soon to start in the living room of the Old Barn Community Centre! All other eyes on BC election!

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