Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Charles -a community builder; a community member

Charles has lived in the UBC/UEL portion of Electoral Area A since 1996.

Charles' children have attended school in the area since they started kindergarten at Ecole Jules Quesnel, at Crown and 16th in Vancouver proper. Today, one of his son's is at University Hill Secondary and the other is at Sir Winston Churchill Secondary. Charles is currently co-chair of the University Hill Secondary Parents Advisory Council. He has served previously on the JQ PAC and the Queen Elizabeth Elementary PAC as an executive member. He is currently on leave from the Vancouver District Parent Advisory Council executive during the period of this election.

Charles was a founding member of the Vision Vancouver Education Committee. As a Vision Vancouver member Charles has supported the development of Vision's education platform and is an active supporter of Patti Bacchus, Ken Clement, and Mike Lombardi for Vancouver School Trustees. Charles also supports Carol Gibson of the NPA and Alan Wong, Bill Bargeman, and Jane Bouey of COPE for School Trustees. As a parent involved directly in the life of his children's schools it is clear to Charles that success is built upon cooperation across the political spectrum. At the end of the day it's what's important for our children's education that is more important than party politics.

It's the same in our community - we need local leadership, we need local representatives. Political accords designed to ensure the election of a particular party's mayor in Vancouver have no place in our community. While Vancouver looms large and many residents of that fine city enjoy the recreational opportunities of where we live, their concerns should not be the ones that drive our local processes.

Charles has worked at the local level over the long haul. He has been involved in campus planning processes, such as the south campus working group, the creation of a local residents' association, and more recently on the UNA schools committee. Charles was a founding member of the planning committee that designed and oversaw the building of the UNA's first community centre, the Old Barn Community Centre. Charles lives, works, and volunteers in this community. Charles is a neighbour and a committed community builder.

As a resident of Hawthorn Place (Mid-campus and the former B Lot Parking) Charles knows what it takes to build communities that are respectful and considerate. It's not something that a person can do jumping in from outside.

For local effective leadership -Vote for Charles on November 15.

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