Monday, October 27, 2008

A Diversity of Support for Charles

Support for Charles’ election as Director reflects his long-term commitment to building a livable community in the UEL/UBC area. Charles has won the regard and support of people from across diverse political backgrounds because he works hard at making democracy real in practice.

On the schools committee of the UNA Charles worked to ensure that all parents voices could be heard. Working with a community-based team of volunteers the schools committee reached out across language and cultural barriers to bring forward voices being silenced.

In 2001, before the UNA was in place, Charles worked with other new residents of the mid-campus (Hawthorn Place) to make certain that UBC Properties Trust and UBC took notice of our concerns. The Hawthorn Lane Residents’ Association (latter, Hawthorn Place Residents’ Association) brought these concerns forward in a collaborative and participatory manner. This experience has laid the foundation for a collaborative, but insistent, approach toward building and expanding the democratic reach of our local associations.

We need local representatives who have demonstrated that they can work with our community.
We need local representatives who are based in our community.
We need local representatives who are here for the long haul.

On November 15 vote Effective Local Leadership.
On November 15 elect Charles for Metro Vancouver Director

Here’s a sample of what some community leaders are saying about Charles’ ability to work effectively for our community.

“Charles has worked tirelessly for our neighbourhood and has shown real knowledge and understanding of the issues and challenges that we face as a young community. ” Sharon Wu and Tony Chau. Hawthorn Place residents

“Charles Menzies has a proven track record as a community leader who works tirelessly for positive change.” Patti Bacchus, Vision Vancouver candidate for trustee and parent advocate.

Charles “has the full welfare of our community at heart. He will be a strong leader who will represent our interests in the Board of Metro Vancouver and I strongly urge you to vote for him.” Prod Laquian Elected Member, UNA Board of Directors

Charles "cares passionately about his community and its schools. He is always thoughtful and reflective about the many issues that arise and is diligent in ensuring that there is a solid, factual foundation for the points of view that he expresses. I would expect him to work hard and effectively in the role of Metro Vancouver Director and wish him every success in seeking election." Eleanor Gregory, VSB Trustee

Charles “is devoted to the community, and an effective listener and consensus-builder.” Jonathan Vogt, Former Chair UHS Parents Advisory Council.

Charles “is respectful of the diversity within the community and is aware of the needs of the academic enterprise as well as the community service needs in this rapidly developing community.” Carol Gibson, Trustee and Vice-Chair of the Vancouver School Board.

“We could not ask for a better neighbour. I know he [Charles] will represent us well on the Metro Vancouver Board.” Jim Taylor, Former Chair, UNA Board.

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