Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Governance and Local Issues in Electoral Area A

The structure of Electoral Area ‘A’ leads to an exclusion of the smaller portions of the area as issues from UBC and the UEL often takes precedence. This is one of the reasons that I believe the electoral Area should be divided into a more effective arrangement and that the Point Grey portions should move toward some form of municipal government wither as a combined area or, perhaps, as two separate municipal structures. There are a number of possible ways that could be done. But the key thing to me is that elected representatives should be based in the localities that they strive to represent. The differences in terms of issues facing the Point Grey portion from the Islands portion of the electoral area leads me to say that the Islands areas should have their own elected director. This would avoid UBC/UEL playing a disproportionate role in the local affairs of the areas outside of Point Grey.

It has also become clear that the internal politics of the City of Vancouver is playing a large role in this year's election. My position on this matter is consistent with my belief that local government should be filled with local representatives who have a long-term commitment to living and working within our communities. Local representatives for local level government should be a requirement, not an option.

The issues around development and the Agricultural Land Reserve loom large for Barnston Island residents. Over the past number of years the question of removal of lands for development has been an issue. I have a personal perspective on the general principals involved -i.e. I support the maintenance of green space, woodland areas and agricultural lands. However, I consider that these are decisions that need to be made in the local setting by the people most directly affected by them. If elected I will work with communities to achieve a resolution of such issues; resolutions that are accurate and honest expression of the full community; not a reflection of any external political agenda.

At UBC the issue of the UBC Farm is taking much space in local discussions. This is a similar issue to the question of lands in Barnston Island. As a long term resident at UBC I am directly involved in my community. As such I feel that I have a right and an obligation to take a perspective on this local issue. In terms of the UBC Farm I have proposed that it be set aside from UBC's current planning process and that the main questions of the UBC Plan be dealt with.

I bring to the position of Metro Vancouver Director for Electoral Area ‘A’ a diversity of community endorsement from people across the political spectrum. Endorsers are community members and leaders directly involved in our communities. I am endorsed because I work hard in my community to find solutions that work in the real world; solutions that respect the diversity of our communities.

On November 15, 2008 Vote Menzies for Effective Local Leadership.

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