Thursday, September 25, 2014

A consultative poll of UNA members

 I am asking for your comments.  I will collate these comments and share them with my fellow board members on October 14th.

This specific poll concerns the UNA balloting system for the election of resident directors.

The current UNA election system is one with  a mail-in ballot.  Each UNA member is provided a ballot in advance of the voting period.  Once the ballots are received a member may mail the ballot to the UNA, bring it in personally, or have a third party return the ballot to the UNA.  This has led to a system in which candidates actively produce their own copies of the ballots, look for potential votes, collect ballots and then the candidate brings the ballots into the UNA offices.  As of the last election the majority of ballots (upwards of 75%) are now collected and returned by candidates.

The following poll asks for your input and advice as to the type of election system you think would be the most appropriate and democratic.

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