Thursday, September 4, 2014

Shaohong Wu, former UNA Resident Director and Vice Chair, endorses Menzies for UNA

Beyond a doubt, Charles is the most qualified person to run for re-election to the UNA Board. As a former colleague in the UNA board, I witnessed that Charles constantly exemplifies his sharp mind to speak for residence's interest and stand for democracy, particularly he actively advocated for the establishment of a civic engagement committee, which now is a major venue for residents’ engagement in UNA matters. For a better UNA neighborhood , vote Charles.

我和Charles 在2012-13 年间一起在UNA 理事会共事, 他大力支持成立civic engagement committee , 提倡民主, 为居民利益着想, 为了一个更好, 更有效的UNA, 请选举 Charles!
Shaohong Wu -  former UNA Resident Director and Vice Chair

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