Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Modest Change in Board of Directors: UNA Election Results

Thank you to those of you who put their trust in me and thereby re-elected me to my second term on the UNA Board of Directors.

Thank you to Allan Carigie, whom I support and with whom I cooperated with during this election. We both share a view that democracy is not complicated and that democracy is the only correct path to follow in political governance issues.  Allan would have made an outstanding contribution to our community as a Board member.   I look forward to working with him as a strong community member with principles.

My congratulations to Yan Zhang and Richard Alexander who have also been elected to the UNA Board.

This was an election of many firsts and records.  The largest field of candidates, 7, the largest number of voters (about 1500), and a massive split between the front running slate and the runner up slate. This election results demonstrates that preferential voter targeting has arrived in our community.

Voter results.
Richard Alexander 837
Bayan Bennett  144
Thomas Beyer 217
Alan Craigie 306
Charles Menzies 347
Qaisar Niazi  50
Yan (Sabrina) Zhang 1054

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